Does your workplace have a game room? If not, it is time to upgrade your break room with a few games. Here is why your company can benefit from a Foosball game or air hockey table.

The Benefits Of The Office Game Room

Critics of the office game room often mention that it is an outdated model associated with tech startups. However, there are plenty of arguments in favor of creating an office game room. In fact, you should take a survey around the office to find out how people feel about having access to games during their breaks.

This perk shouldn’t be limited to tech companies. Think back on your childhood. Children formed friendships during recess and not during classes. As adults, breaks have replaced recess during the workday. However, most companies have break rooms that don’t foster interactions.

A game room can change this by providing employees with some fun activities. Playing Foosball or air hockey is a great way to form stronger relationships with coworkers. A game room will help build stronger teams.

Choose The Right Games

Creating a successful game room is a matter of choosing the right games. Ideally, your game room should have something fun for everyone but you should focus on games that encourage collaboration and friendly competition.

A ping pong table, a Foosball game, or an air hockey table would be perfect. These games are very accessible even for employees who have never played before, and employees can challenge each other. Employees can also form teams and have two players challenge two other players. Here’s a buying guide for Foosball tables:

Why Employees Need To Be Active During Their Breaks

Games like Foosball or air hockey allow employees to focus on something that isn’t work-related for a few minutes. This welcome break will also help them be more active.

Playing table games isn’t an intense workout but it means employees will be up on their feet and will move around during their break. Being active helps reduce stress levels and boosts energy levels. Productivity, mood, and motivation will improve.

Employees aren’t likely to engage in physical activity during their break unless you provide some games. Without a game room, employees will probably spend their break scrolling on social media instead of moving around and interacting with each other.

Develop A Unique Company Culture

A game room is a space where employees can relax and interact with each other. Providing this type of environment can make a difference when it comes to attracting new talents or employee retention.

Giving employees the opportunity to have fun together will also help create a more dynamic company culture. People will really feel like they are part of a team, develop friendships, and care about their co-workers. This attitude can make a real difference when a challenge arises at work.

Table games are classics of the company game room. There are plenty of other games and activities to explore, but these games would be a great place to start if you want to create a fun and engaging game room for your workplace.