Can I ban myself from online gambling?

Making money online boils down to choosing a game and clear expectations of what you are doing. The possibilities are enormous, and if you look at the right places, you’ll have millions – from this thinking you probably started to play. Can I ban myself from online gambling?

Online gambling

If you want to exclude yourself from online gambling, you can visit GAMSTOP (, which now allows UK and Northern Irish residents to exclude themselves from all gambling sites licensed to operate in the UK for free for some time 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.

All online gambling sites must be able to exclude themselves from this company. This can usually be found in the ‘Responsible Gambling’ section of their website or personal account page. Call the customer service number on the website or email them if you need help.

Gambling blocking software

Gambling blocking software, such as Gamban, can be downloaded to all devices to block access to thousands of gambling sites and applications around the world. Gamban offers a trial version that provides free access to the latest programs and applications for your devices.

Can I ban myself from online gambling?


Self-exclusion makes it easier for those who have decided to stop gambling for at least six months and want to get support in the decision to stop. If you think you spend too much time or money on gambling – whether online or at a gambling establishment – you can ask for “self-exclusion”.

It is up to you whether you will comply with the self-exclusion agreement, but if you try to play during this time, the gambling company should take appropriate steps to prevent it.

After the conclusion of the self-exclusion agreement, the gambling company must close the account and return the money from the account to you. It must also delete your name and data from all marketing databases it uses.

All companies offering gambling in licensed premises (arcades, bookmakers, bingo and casinos) must participate in the multi-operator exclusion system. Thanks to this, you can submit a single application for self-exclusion from all premises offering the same type of gambling (e.g. bookmaker stores) in your area, and not the customer must exclude from each operator individually.

You can learn more about self-exclusion and the multi-operator self-exclusion system at GambleAware.

Self-exclusion from one game room, bookmaker’s shop or casino:

  •  Visit the place you want to exclude
  •  Talk to the store manager or employee, let them know you want to be excluded
  •  You don’t have to take any money, bank or credit cards with you
  •  Take some passport-size photos to go to the form; this can help staff identify you
  •  You will receive a copy of the self-exclusion form for your documentation



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