Can you repeat year 12 VCE?

You may have thought: I would like to deal with this exam, this SAC, this subject. You think: if I tried so hard, I would have much more time to consolidate everything, I would have some support that I did not have at that time, I could do much better. Few realize that doing this is a real possibility. Can you repeat year 12 VCE?

Why you should consider repeating the topic

If you are not in high school last year and you did sections 3 and 4, you have the chance to repeat this sequence instead of dealing with a completely new subject. This has several advantages. First of all, you did the whole course once. You will have previous experience in passing exams, passing SAC exams and, I hope you already know most – if not all – the content. This not only gives you an advantage, but also relieves stress that you have already experienced. As a result, you may achieve much better results with your second attempt. This can have a big impact on ATAR. Think about it: you get 35 points in biology in year 11. In year 12 you repeat biology and pull 45. If in the first 4 it is a difference of 10 points in total, theoretically turning 70.00 ATAR at 77.30

So you’re thinking about going back to college?

Studying your senior second degree certificate as an adult can help you achieve your personal, professional and educational goals.

Whether you’re considering further study as a way to access a higher education degree, a transition to a more satisfying job or a new career, or for personal interest, you can be assured that returning to college has enabled thousands of people to benefit from benefits and enrich learning all my life.

Can you repeat year 12 VCE?

Both the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Education (VCAL) are highly recognized internationally recognized senior education certificates developed and administered by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment (VCAA).

Learn from your mistakes

Include feedback on your essay and note common mistakes. E.g. if you repeat English, these may be spelling, grammar and punctuation errors; construction errors of sentences; repetition of vocabulary; misuse of the registry; no evidence to support his claims; or bad paragraph structure.

In the study room, you should have a notebook or a board with a list of all common mistakes, and you should consult while writing.

If you lack skills in a particular area, such as spelling essays or structuring, you need to take the time to ask the teacher questions to clarify.



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