what is good for constipation

What is good for constipation? This type of question is often being asked all over the internet. The reasons for this might be very different and it is very hard to determine which is the most probable one, however it is not the main purpose of this article. In this particular text, we want to get closer to the answer for the question given at the beginning of this paragraph. We can get to the bottom of the topic from the few different angles, considering things such as: environment, psychology, biology and life attitude. In this article, I will try to give some examples from different fields to answer the question: “What is good for constipation?”.

Constipation problems

We all know, that there are many things in nutrition that we need to take care of, to feel that we do everything well for our bodies. We need to know, that our macronutrient intake is correct. We can not stray from the path of good carbohydrates/fats/protein ratio. Of course, there are many factors which we can consider when choosing nutrition, and we can take for example something like ketogenic approach, where most of our calories come from fats. Still, the classic model of balance between macronutrients is the most empirically tested. At the same time, that we have our macronutrients in check, we also need to take care of our micronutrients.

Proper vitamins and minerals must be taken by us daily, to keep us in the healthiest shape possible. Otherwise, we will not live up to the fitness potential we can. Still, it is estimated, that we would need about 22000 calories to derive proper nutrients from whole foods only. In this case, we need to consider slightly different approach. We need to focus ourselves on proper supplementation. It is not easy to find brands that will offer us high quality products for good price but still – it is path worth walking. Among other things mentioned in this paragraph, very important, if not crucial role is being played by fiber. Daily, we need to consume proper amount of soluble and insoluble fiber to function properly and keep ourselves regular. Otherwise, we will not feel as good as we could and we might face problems with constipation. If our fiber intake is in check, it is much less likely, that we will need to ask such question as: “What is good for constipation?”. However, it may turn out to be much easier said than done.

At the beginning, we need to know what are the potential sources for both types of fiber. The best known source for insoluble fiber are legumes, things like beans, lentils and chickpeas. It is great how many nutrients and vitamins they contain and if at the same time they pack us with great fiber, it is worth to consider including them in your diet. Other sources for this type of fiber are vegetables and fruits which should of course be staples of our nutrition. Soluble fiber is other type of nutrient, that we need to deliver for our body, to keep ourselves regular. It can be found in sources such as: oatmeal, wholegrain bread and specific types of seeds. We need to keep in mind, that we have to deliver both types of fiber. Otherwise, we do not deliver all required nutrients to prevent our organism from constipation.

At the beginning of the article I thought that much more could be said on the different topics than nutrition. Of course, we can mention stuff such as avoiding stress and walking daily to fight constipation, however healthy diet that includes plenty of fiber is probably the best solution for our problem and we need to check it from the beginning. In case, that we are sure that our nutrition is in check, but we still face problems with being not regular, we need to consider other ways to help ourselves. Sometimes, the case might be connected with some psychological problems which we face that prevent our organism from being healthy. We need to keep in mind, that we should seek professional guidance when facing life problems and internet might sometimes not be the best place for answers. Remember, if you have a problem which you cannot face yourself – ask specialist for guidance.


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