The small town of Trogir in Croatia is an amazing place to visit. The UNESCO World Heritage old town has winding roads and picturesque views that will make you feel wonderful! You can get here without noticing the difference between land and sea, as the city is connected to the European mainland by a bridge. And don’t forget the island of Ciovo, where there are hotels for every budget – from luxury resorts to small guesthouses – all with beautiful beaches, perfect after sightseeing.

How to get to Trogir?

How to get here? The easiest way to get here is from Split airport. It is possible to order a cab or transfer both from the airport and from Trogir to Split airport. It is best to do this before departure.

What is worth seeing in Trogir?

The heart of Trogir, the Old Town, is situated on an oval island between the mainland and the beautiful coastal town. This location gives it an authentic character with rich architecture and historical scents that are hard to miss in this photogenic place, where you can find Greco-Roman ruins dating back to 1000 AD, as well as other historical markers such as medieval churches or Romantic era castles, and many other things waiting to be discovered in this most famous Croatian port city.

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot, look no further than Trogir. The old town and seaside promenade offer an unforgettable experience, with palm trees on one side of the path leading down to the crystal clear water where you can see fish swimming under the coves. There are also several cafes overlooking the promenade.

To the right of the old footbridge is St. Mark’s Tower, which was built around the 14th century and has been involved in defending against Turkish invasions ever since, with a great view of the town of Trogir! The Kamerlengo Fortress is also located in the area, but was built by Venetian architects who placed it here in the 13th century; it offers a one-of-a-kind setting for visitors who not only want to enjoy such views, but also learn more about Croatian history.

Where to Beach? 

To find the perfect beach on the island of Ciovo, you need to know the type of sand and rocks. Some people love them for their natural beauty, while others find them too rough or uncomfortable. In Croatia, the beaches are very often rocky, so you must always bring not only blankets, but also sponges to sit on and special shoes for swimming. 


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